Trademark registration is now not too strange for every person or business. So what is a trademark? What role does the trademark have to the applicant? How to protect trademarks in accordance with the law? The following article will help you answer that question.

Nhãn hiệu chứng nhận là gì?

  1. What is a trademark?

A trademark is a mark capable of distinguishing goods or services produced or provided by one enterprise from the goods or services of other businesses.
Any words, letters, numbers, drawings, images, designs, colors, logos, labels, or a combination thereof that are able to distinguish goods or services, are considered trademarks.

   2. Function and value of brand

  • Functional marks
    The main function of a trademark is to help consumers identify products (as a goods to distinguish them from similar or similar products by competitors of the same level.) When customers are satisfied with a product A particular product is very likely to be re-used or used in future, so they need to be able to easily distinguish between similar or similar products.
    By helping companies distinguish their companies and their products from those of other companies, trademarks play a very important role in their branding and marketing strategy. companies, contributing to building image and reputation of the company’s products in the eyes of consumers. Image and reputation of the product create trust, as a basis for forming loyal customers and improve the reputation of the company. Consumers often form an emotional bond with certain brands, based on certain qualities or characteristics they desire about products bearing those brands.
    Branding also creates an incentive for companies to invest in maintaining and improving the quality of their products to ensure that their branded products have a good reputation.
  • The value of the brand
    A well-chosen and well-cared label is a valuable business asset for most of the company. For some companies, trademarks can be the most valuable asset they own. The estimated value of one of the world’s most famous brands, such as Coca-Cola or IBM, exceeds 50 billion dollars. The reason is that when customers value the brand, reputation, image or some of its qualities, they will be loyal to the brand and are willing to pay more to buy the branded product they acknowledge. and meet their expectations. Therefore, owning a brand with good image and reputation gives the company a competitive advantage over their competitors.
  1. Why does your company need to protect its trademark?

While most businesses are aware of the importance of using trademarks to distinguish their products from others, not all of them are aware of the importance of registration.
According to trademark laws, registration gives your company the exclusive right to prevent others from launching similar or similar products that cause similar or similar trademarks.
In addition, trademark registrations can be transferred to other companies, thus providing an additional source of income for your company or may be the basis of a franchise transfer agreement.

      4. Protection of trademarks
How can your company protect trademarks?
Trademarks may be protected through registration, also through use. Even in cases where the trademark can be protected through use, it is advisable to register the trademark by filing an application form at the national trademark registrar (some trademark registries allowed for online application). Through registration, the trademark will be more protected, especially in the event of a dispute with a similar or similar trademark.

Is registration of your company’s trade name sufficient?
Many people believe that the registration of their business activities and the trade name of the business at the business registration office, this name will automatically be protected as a trademark. This is a common mistake. It is important to distinguish the difference between a trade name and a trademark.

Who is allowed to apply for trademark registration? Is a trademark registration required?
Any person or organization intending to use the trademark or allow a third person to use it may apply for registration of the trademark.
Although the registration of a trademark is not mandatory, it is encouraged because through the registration of the company has the right to prohibit the unauthorized use of that trademark.
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