In a developing market economy today, the use of technology in product management is an indispensable requirement. Registering to use a barcode is not only a smart choice for businesses to manage but also helps consumers distinguish the origin and product easily.

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1. What is the registration file for barcode?
Component profile
– Authenticated copy of business registration certificate.
– Registration form of barcode has been completed.
– A list of products using barcodes (characteristics, types, volumes, quantities, sizes of products).
– Receipt of application file.

2. Steps to register barcode
Register barcodes with 4 main steps
Step 1: Enterprise registers online application on the homepage of GS1
Step 2: Enterprises need to submit a complete set of related documents as mentioned above to the General Department of Standardization, Measurement and Quality Control (GS1 Vietnam).
Step 3: The dossier received within 03 working days will be issued with the enterprise number and the result of the barcode registration certificate will be returned after 20 days (from the date of receipt).
Step 4: After being granted an enterprise code to the system, register online declaration to create barcode products.

3. Benefits of registering barcodes?
– Expanding business activities
– This is considered the first important reason urging businesses to register to use bar codes. Business organizations and individuals want their products to be marketable and profitable. The introduction of products into shopping centers and supermarkets is indispensable because these are places where many target customers are concentrated. So how can products get into the supermarket conveniently? That’s what you have to register for the product barcode.
– Easy to control operations and services
– Registering product bar codes helps individuals and organizations to facilitate the process of managing, arranging and classifying goods correctly. Barcodes are encrypted and managed, stored on electronic devices without going through notes or data entry. Therefore, the errors that can occur are minimized, the results ensure high accuracy. Since then control and correct adjustments in the business strategy.
– Satisfy customer needs
– Smart consumers are now very interested in the origin and origin of the product. They often rely on product barcodes to check information quickly and accurately. Therefore, registering a product barcode is a way to satisfy customer needs.
In addition, how would you feel when you were shopping, you had to wait for the employee to enter each product code or fill it out if the business had not registered a barcode? That would be bad! Customers will feel uncomfortable and will silently assess the lack of professionalism of the supplier. Therefore, in order to satisfy customers’ needs by being quick and professional with the registration to use the product barcode. They will help the payment process, inventory checking easier than ever.
– Increase work efficiency, save labor costs
– When the product is registered with a barcode, the enterprise will manage goods on digital electronic devices instead of recording the manual. Since then, human resources and time are maximized leading to improved productivity.
– Consult the provisions of the law related to the operation of registration and use of barcodes;

4. Service of registering barcodes and bar codes of
– Consult the effectiveness in using bar codes;
– Drafting records, representing customers performing business code registration at GS1 Vietnam;
– Submit the application for article numbering and bar code registration application to the enterprise;
– Monitoring the process of registration of protection, drafting of official documents dealing with the competent state agencies;
– Exchanging and providing information to customers during the process of registering to use barcode and bar codes;
– Guide customers how to create and manage commodity codes to manage goods of the business to the most effective;
– Receive a certificate of article number and barcode use for customers.

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