Barcode is a technology to identify and collect data automatically objects, products, organizations, or locations, … based on assigning a code to the object to identify (use barcode printer) and display it in a bar code format so that the device (barcode scanner) can read it.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mã số, mã vạch

According to Article 19c of Decree No. 74/2018 / ND-CP, the procedures for code and bar code registration are prescribed as follows:
Firstly, the file is divided into the following two cases:
1. In case of issue of a new certificate, a dossier comprises:
– An application for use of code and bar code as prescribed in Form No. 12 in the Appendix enclosed herewith;
– A copy of the enterprise registration certificate, investment registration certificate or establishment decision.
2. In case of re-issue of a certificate, a dossier comprises:
– Application for re-issuance of Certificate as prescribed in Form No. 13 in the Appendix enclosed herewith;
– A copy of the enterprise registration certificate, investment registration certificate or establishment decision, for case of changing name and address;
– Original certificate (except for lost case).
Second, about the form of submission:
Organizations and individuals wishing to carry out procedures for codes and barcodes, prepare 01 set of corresponding dossiers as prescribed in Clause 1 of this Article, submit it directly or by post to the permanent agency with code. , Barcode. In case of direct submission, there must be an original for comparison. In case the application is sent by post, a certified copy or a true copy with signature and stamp must be submitted.
Third, about the order of procedures:
New grant case:
In case the dossier is incomplete as prescribed, within 05 working days from the date of receiving the dossier, the standing agency of code and bar code notifies the organization or individual that submits the dossier for correction. change and addition;
If the application is complete and valid and the applicant submits the fee, within 20 days from the day on which the application is received, the standing authority of the code or barcode has responsibilities for granting certificates as prescribed in Form No. 14 in the Appendix to this Decree;
The validity of a certificate shall not exceed 03 years from the date of issue.
Cases of re-issue of certificates:
The re-granted certificate applies to organizations and individuals that have valid certificates but are lost, damaged or change their names and addresses;
Within 15 working days after receiving a complete and valid dossier, the standing body of code and barcode is responsible for re-granting the certificate to organizations and individuals. In case of failure to meet the requirements, the standing body of codes and barcodes shall notify in writing and clearly state the reasons;
The validity period of the certificate is written according to the validity period of the issued certificate.

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