Thủ tục thành lập chi nhánh công ty TNHH 1 thành viên

Regarding documents, businesses need to prepare the following documents:
– Notice of operation registration for branch of one member limited liability company (Appendix II-11, Circular 20/2015 / TT-BKHDT)
– A decision and a valid copy of the meeting minutes of the company owner or the Members’ Council, or the chairman of the company, for one member limited liability company on the establishment of the branch;
– A valid copy of the decision to appoint the head of the branch;
– A valid copy of one of the fish identification documents of the head of the branch.
– Application for supplementing and updating business registration information (Appendix II-18, Circular 20/2015 / TT-BKHDT) for enterprises operating under an Investment License, Investment Certificate or papers of equivalent legal validity that have not been supplemented and updated with enterprise registration information to be granted business registration certificates to replace business registration contents in investment licenses and investment certificates or papers of equivalent legal validity.
– Power of attorney for the person carrying out the procedure (if any)
About how to apply and get results:
– Enterprises submit 01 set of dossiers with the above components at the business registration office where the branch office is located.

– Within 3 working days from the day the Business Registration Office is competent to receive complete and valid dossiers, 1-member limited liability companies will be granted branch operation registration certificates for enterprises.

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