Kết quả hình ảnh cho điều chỉnh dự án đầu tư

Firstly, regarding the dossier for adjusting the Investment Registration Certificate, it includes:
Written request for modification of the investment registration certificate
Reports on the implementation of investment projects up to the time of application for adjustment of investment projects in the following cases of adjustment:
– Location of investment project; land use area;
– Objectives and scale of investment projects;
– Investment capital of the project (including capital contributed by investors and mobilized capital), capital contribution schedule and capital mobilization;
– Operation duration of the project;
– Schedule of implementation of the investment project: schedule of capital construction and putting the work into operation (if any);
– Progress of implementation of the operation objectives, major items of the project, where the project is implemented in each stage, must specify the objectives, duration, activities of each stage;
– Conditions for investors implementing the project (if any).
Secondly, on the competence to appraise investment projects:
The competence to appraise investment projects is divided by project type
– The adjustment of projects using state capital is decided by investment deciders.
– The adjustment of projects using other capital sources shall be decided by investment deciders on the basis of ensuring the requirements on planning, safety, environmental protection, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, national defense and security. have been approved by the competent state authority.
– In case a project adjustment changes the objectives, size and location of a construction, it must be approved by a competent state agency.
– Adjustment of construction investment projects must be appraised and approved.
– The Government shall detail the formulation, evaluation, approval and adjustment of construction investment projects.
Within 15 working days after receiving a complete and valid dossier, the investment certificate-granting agency shall change the investment certificate to the investor.

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