License related to restaurant business

In order for a restaurant to come into operation, it is required to have a certificate of eligibility for food safety and hygiene, a License to retail alcohol, a License to retail cigarettes, … This article will share to readers. records to be granted the above sub-types:

Kết quả hình ảnh cho restaurant

An application for a certificate of eligibility for food safety and hygiene
An application for a certificate of establishment meeting food safety requirements;
Explanatory statement of facilities, equipment, tools and equipment to ensure food hygiene and safety conditions;
Health certificate / Summary list of health certification of establishment owners and people directly involved in food production and trading issued by a health facility at district level or higher (certified copy of establishment). );
Certificate of training in food safety knowledge / Certificate of food safety knowledge of the owner and the person directly involved in producing and trading food (a certified copy of the establishment).
Application for a retail alcohol license
An application for a wine retail license, made according to Form No. 01 issued together with this Decree.
Copy of Certificate of Business Registration, cooperative, cooperative union or business household.
Copies of the lease / borrowing contract or documents proving the lawful legal right to use the establishment as the retail location.
A copy of the introductory document or the principle contract of the wine-making trader, liquor distribution trader or liquor wholesaler.
A copy of the receipt of the conformity announcement document or the certificate of declaration of conformity with food safety regulations (for alcohol without technical regulations) of the proposed wine products.
Written commitment made by the trader, which clearly states the content of the trader ensuring full compliance with the requirements of conditions for fire prevention and environmental protection in accordance with the law at retail locations. alcohol.
Application for a tobacco retail license
An application for a tobacco product retail license;
Copy of Certificate of Business Registration or Certificate of Business Registration and Certificate of tax code;
Copies of introductory documents, purchase and sale contracts of cigarette wholesale enterprises;
Documents about business location, including:
Address, area and description of tobacco business area;
Copies of documents proving the right to use the place of business (be owned or co-owned or leased to use for at least 01 year);
List of equipment for checking and adjusting the temperature and humidity in the cigarette trading area.

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