Cách tra cứu nhãn hiệu trong quy trình đăng ký bảo hộ quyền sở hữ

Before registering a trademark, the search is an extremely important step to confirm whether the trademark is registered or not. So where to look up trademarks? How to register a trademark? In response to your questions about the “Trademark Registration Search”, will share the preliminary lookup and self-assessment of your trademark as follows:
Why must search goods trademark?
Look up trademarks / logos / trademarks to help you determine the ability to register trademarks. Avoid cases where identical / similar trademarks are not able to register, it will take time and expenses to wait for the results of the NOIP.

How to look up trademark registration
This search will be done online on the public search page of the NOIP through the following link:
When accessing the link above, the contents from left to right will appear: Lookup field; Expressions and Examples.
– For lookup schools:
Customers can select one or more schools at the same time to get the desired results. However, selecting too many fields can dilute the search engine, making it difficult to produce highly accurate results
Example: 1st field: Search brand; The second field will be: SP / DV group; In addition, you can also add an Application Date field if you are looking for specific brands.
If you want to look up the ability to register the text of the trademark, you can choose two fields: Search Brand and SP / DV Group.
If you want to look up the image, select the taxonomy and date fields to split the display. Because each search brand display only 1,000 records.
– For expression fields:
This is how the search term, classification, or date of search will be represented.
Each field corresponds to different expressions to produce the correct result. For trademark searches, the expression can be expressed as follows: “ABC” * ABC * “A? C” “A * C”.
Because when searching for a control mark, it is not only a perfect coincidence, but a similar brand must be searched. So putting marks is to look for similar brands that are nearly identical to the original brand.
For image classification schools, customers must rely on the classification table of trademark elements of the Vienna agreement posted on the website of the Vietnam Intellectual Property Department. There are 29 groups in the classification table; 144 subheadings and 1,667 sections, when filling in the expression of the taxonomical field, will be the part number of the classification table for reference.
– For example:
The content for this field will help users understand when accessing the lookup page with specific instructions:
– Brand name: * Fish sauce *
– Product group: 29
– Image classification: 26.01
-Product name: * Fish sauce *
Above is the article on how to look up trademarks fastest. If you have any questions, please contact Hotline 0984624444 or email for detailed instructions.

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