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Recently, the Covid 19 pandemic caused many negative impacts on the production and business activities of many businesses. Besides taxes, insurance is also a big burden for businesses in the period of temporary production cessation due to disease. In order to share the burden with businesses, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs has a policy to support businesses in the field of insurance. Specifically:
Supported objects:
Enterprises belonging to the industries of passenger transport, tourism, accommodation, restaurants and other special industries facing difficulties caused by epidemics, resulting in inability to arrange jobs for laborers, in which the number of employees participating in social insurance must temporarily take leave from 50% of the total number of employees present before suspending production or business or more, or being damaged more than 50% of the total value of assets due to epidemics diseases (excluding land value) according to Clause 1 Article 88 of Law on Social Insurance 2014; Clauses 1, 2, 3 and 4, Article 16 of the Government’s Decree No. 115/2015 / ND-CP of November 11, 2015 and Article 28 of Circular No. 59/2015 / TT-BLDTBXH of December 29, 2015 of Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs.
Time supported:
+ Since the enterprise has submitted a dossier requesting temporary suspension of payment to the retirement and survivorship fund till the end of June 2020;
+ In case, by the end of June, 2020, the epidemic of Covid-19 has not been relieved, if the enterprise so requests, it may be considered and settled to suspend the payment to the retirement and survivorship fund until December 2020.
In addition, Social Insurance does not carry out specialized inspection of payment, or checks compliance with laws on social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for businesses affected by Covid-19 epidemic if There are no signs of violations during the period of temporary cessation of contribution to the retirement and survivorship fund.
* Legal grounds:
Official Dispatch 860 / BHXH-BT of March 17, 2020 of Vietnam Social Insurance guiding the suspension of contribution to the retirement and survivorship fund for persons affected by Covid-19 epidemic.
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