Decentralization and authorization within the enterprise

Decentralization and decentralization in an enterprise is indispensable because no one can do all the work to achieve the enterprise’s goals. In this article, Lawyer would like to introduce to you the basic contents of business administration decentralization.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phân cấp, phân quyền trong doanh nghiệp

The hierarchy of corporate governance is the division of authority between top managers, middle managers, and first-line managers.
Senior administrators are responsible for the organization’s final accomplishments. They are responsible for making strategic decisions, organizing the implementation of the strategy, maintaining and developing the organization. The main titles of senior administrators in business production such as: chairman of the board, vice president, board members, general directors, deputy general director, executive director director, deputy director, …
Intermediate or middle management is responsible for making tactical decisions, implementing business plans and policies, and coordinating activities and tasks to accomplish common goals. . Their titles are usually the heads of departments, deputy heads, deputy chiefs, managers of workshops, etc.
Grassroots administrators are administrators at the last level in the hierarchy of administrators in the same organization. Their mission is to make operational decisions to direct and guide employees in specific production and business tasks on a daily basis, in order to accomplish the common goal. Their common titles are: foreman, shift leader, production leader, sales team leader, …

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