Currently, more and more individuals are setting up real estate companies. Moreover, many companies have already been established and wish to supplement the real estate business.
Real estate business lines prescribed by the Law on Real Estate Business include:
Real estate business;
Business real estate brokerage services;
Real estate trading.
Additional conditions for the business line of real estate:
– Conditions of registered charter capital (also legal capital):
According to the Law on Real Estate Business, the line of real estate business is a business subject to capital conditions and practice certificates. However, as soon as the company performs additional procedures to add the real estate business, the company only needs to ensure in advance the condition of the company’s charter capital of 20 billion VND. Where the company’s charter capital is less than 20 billion, the company must increase its capital in parallel with the procedure of adding the business line of real estate.
– Conditions for practice certificates related to real estate trading:
+ For the profession of real estate brokerage:
After the company completes its line of business, if it wants to conduct the real estate brokerage business, it must ensure that there are 02 people in the company who have a real estate brokerage certificate.
+ For the business line of real estate transaction services:
A real estate trading floor service enterprise must have at least 2 people with a real estate brokerage practice certificate; Real estate transaction floor managers and administrators must have a real estate brokerage practice certificate.
Note: The holder of a real estate brokerage certificate can be the company owner or employee of the company appointed to the position of business manager;
The industry codes to be applied in additional documents for the real estate business:

STT Tên ngành nghề Mã số
1. Real estate business, owner-owned or leased land use rights. Detail:
Real estate business
2. Consulting, brokerage, real estate auction, land use right auction
Details: Business real estate brokerage services; Real estate transaction floor


Documents and procedures for adding real estate business lines:
Notice of changes to business registration content
Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders / Minutes of meetings of the Members’ Council on the supplementation of the real estate business line;
Decisions of the general meeting of shareholders / decisions of the members’ council / decisions of the owner of a one-member limited liability company.
Power of attorney for individuals to submit dossiers, Service contracts with authorized organizations to submit dossiers (In case the legal representative directly submits dossiers, there is no need to authorize filing).
Place of submission: The enterprise submits 01 set of dossier to the Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise’s head office address is located to carry out procedures to change the company’s business lines.

Deadline for completing additional procedures for real estate business: 05-07 working days

Additional services for real estate business of Hung Phuc Law Office:

  • Advising clients on the codes of real estate business to be added;
  • Compile additional documents on the business of real estate to submit to the state agencies;
  • On behalf of the client to submit the application and receive the result at the competent state agency;
  • Publish the company’s business registration information on National Business Registration Portal;

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